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A Restless Night

It is a crispy morning in February 2017 and I am still awake. I have no idea why but this is the third night of really poor sleep. Is it the project at work that is keeping me awake or am I worrying about my son again who is away at University? This is pointless. … Continue reading A Restless Night

No Glass Ceiling!

Who says you can’t move successfully from one job role to a more senior one, or get that promotion or pay rise?  A glass ceiling is a metaphor for the hard to see informal barriers that keep women from achieving these things. The barriers to advancement can be personal or cultural and can be damaging to … Continue reading No Glass Ceiling!

To Plan or Not to Plan?

Acting spontaneously can be fun and empowering. Lets be honest, when was the last time you had that afternoon tea without planning it well in advance? Is there a term such as ‘out of the blue’ in your vocabulary? Sticking to what we know, scheduling our lives and operating on autopilot can creep up on … Continue reading To Plan or Not to Plan?